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Upcoming Litters

Born 2/03/2023

Located in Rosharon Tx 30 miles south of Houston

6 puppies, 4 males & 2 females (she has never had more than four, this time she had six so I have two spots available).


Repeat, breeding

TC’s Socks Sue Morrrow X Griff’s Viking Chewbacca II (call name Deuce) (same repeat breeding, as my Yellowstone notice Dowling, South Dakota, tearing up the pheasant fields)

TC’s Socks Sue Morrrow (1X Champion (NSTRA))

Griff’s Viking Chewbacca II (Deuce) is a N/A prize 1. Score 112 and a UT Prize II

100 % Maximum Score Litter, NAVDHA NA Prize 1 Score 112

TC’s Socks Sue Morrrow is a daughter of VC SOUTHPAW SOCKS MORROW.  Sue is out of the same breeding as the finest litter I've ever put on the ground, she is Floyd's full sister.

VC Southpaw Socks Morrow x Griffs SaltyFoote Mack Morrow - 100 % Maximum Score Litter

NA Prize 1 Score 112

All four of Her brothers have tested

*Floyd NA at 8 Months- UT Prz 2 192 at 13mts

*VC Sonnenschein NA at 9 mts

*Cinco NA at 1yr -Police K-9 narcotics

*Dagger NA at 1yr3mts

Two of them were handled by new handlers

VC Sonnenschein UT Prz1 202,

and is a Versatile Champion, Sonnenschein is Sue, Floyd’s, Cinco, and, Daggers, full sibling.


VC Southpaw Socks Morrow X Griffs Saltyfoote Mack Morrow This is so incredible the 2x time ago she was bred, she had a false pregnancy after artificial insemination and her uterus filled with something that's not supposed to be in there. She was put on a treatment for two weeks and every orifice of her body was open when I gave her the treatment twice a day (Thank God for Brittmore animal clinic and Dr. Mathew Dikeman). I was told that it was a 50-50 chance that she would ever have puppies again. One veterinarian told me she never would and I needed to go ahead and just spay her ( I was thinking to myself how will I ever get a female like Floyd). God works in mysterious ways ( X2 ).

Thank you Jesus for allowing my have 2 more of these incredible litters this is how I ended up with Sue. When she received her Versatile Champion she was a high-scoring youngest Versatile Champion female of any breed. 

VC Southpaw Socks Morrow is still the only Versatile Champion, NSTRA 1X champion and National Shoot To Retrieve Gulf Coast Regional Champion dog has ever done all three together. When she won the National Shoot To Retrieve Gulf Coast Regional Champion it was three weeks after having a litter of puppies

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