Upcoming Litters

Puppies are here!  4/17/2021  

This is my two biggest running NSTRA dogs I own TC’s Socks Daggers Mother is VC Southpaw Socks Morrow X Daddy is Griff’s Saltyfoote Mack Morrow.  TC’s Deuce Addie Morrow Daddy is Griff’s Viking Chewbacca II (Call name Deuce) 

3/07/2021 We had an awesome TCM GWP weekend.  All three brothers and sister, have the same mother and father Out of Griff’s SaltyFoote Mack Morrow x VC Southpaw Socks Morrow.  Now 3 of the brothers( TC’s Socks Floyd Morrow , TC’s Dagger , TC’K-9 Cinco Morrow and one sister TC’s Socks Sue Morrow are qualified for the Gulfcoast NSTRA regional.  

This weekend five of our GWP’s took 9 placements out of possible 12 placements.  This weekend placements Dagger 1st, and a 3rd (Qualified for regional) with TC Sue 1st & a 2nd (Qualified for regional) with TC (three weeks ago tomorrow, is when she gave birth to a litter of puppies. Just like her mother VC Socks did, when she Won the Gulfcoast National Shoot Retrieve Regional) (Qualified for regional with TC) Cinco 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Qualified for regional )with Tracy which their mother the Won 2013 Gulfcoast National Shoot Retrieve Regional (three weeks after giving birth to a litter of puppies), which one of those ran today TC’s Roxie Hill (first time ever she did great) TC’s Deuce Addie Morrow took a 2nd (Qualified for regionals with TC) Also TC’s Floyd Ava Morrow 3rd place and Griff’s Viking Chewbacca (Call name Deuce) (Qualified for regional ) with Tracy www.TXGWP.com

Thank you Tina Richter Carles T&T Kennels for all the training you have done for all our Gwp‘s