TC K-9 Blitz Morrow


Sex: Male

Whelped: November 22, 2011

Color: Liver Roan Ticked

Registration No:



David Lewis

San Antonio TX


TC Morrow

Rosharon TX

K-9 Blitz was certified in five odors of narcotics at nine months of age.

K-9 Blitz  is the first German Wirehaired Pointer to place in the top 10 (finishing 8th) at 2016 NNDDA Narcotics Nationals at age 4 in Brownsville, Texas. 

At 2016 NNDDA Narcotics Nationals K-9 Blitz was one the Police K-9's to  pass  NNDDA  tracking certification in Brownsville, Texas.

K-9 Blitz placed top 20 at 2015 NNDDA Narcotics Nationals at age 3 in Paris, Tennessee.

K-9 Blitz placed  31st at the 2014 NNDDA Narcotics Nationals at age 2 in Amarillo, Texas.

The NNDDA Track minimum a team must complete a 800 track with three turns and one cross-contamination track. 

K-9 Blitz  also passed NNDDA article search recovery certification.

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