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About German Wirehaired Pointers

Breed History

A German Wirehaired Pointer is a breed developed with SPECIFIC goals in mind:

1. Ability to hunt on foot in varied terrains; mountainous regions, dense forests, cold weather, as well as open areas of farms and small towns. This was the terrain of Germany back in the late 1800s where they originated. 

2. To accomplish these VERSATILE goals they had to have a coat capable of enabling this versatility from working in heavy cover, cold weather and water, as well as in more open areas of farms 

and towns. Thus, the name "GERMAN Wirehaired Pointers" (GWP) is exactly what was intended from the beginning. A wire-coated, medium sized dog.

3. The GWP is equally equipped to locate and point upland game; work both FEATHER and FUR with equal skills; RETRIEVE water foul and be a close working, and easily trained GUN dog. 

4. A GWP is able to TRACK and locate wounded game, as well as be FEARLESS when hunting a sharp game such as a fox. Thus they make excellent POLICE TRACKING and NARCOTICS DETECTION dogs as well. 

5. And last but not least...they are DEVOTED COMPANIONS and pets, as well as a WATCHDOG for its owners family and property...not to mention they DO NOT SHED prolifically.

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